TFN Cessation Resources

Below are some tools and resources to provide information for yourself or clients about quitting smoking or using tobacco products. Additional tobacco-free living resources can be found here.


Local Smoking Cessation Classes

  • Quit 101- Offered by Spectrum Health in four session classes, week one is two hours and follow up classes are an hour and a half. Are you fed up with the cost of tobacco to your wallet and your health? Have you struggled in the past to stop using tobacco, only to remain caught in the web of addiction? Quit 101 focuses on tips to help you develop a quit plan and strategies that will work for you. Libby Stern, LMSW, a certified tobacco treatment specialist who is also a former smoker, facilitates this program to help you find the motivation and skills you need to stop tobacco use once and for all. Information about medications used in quitting smoking and a free nicotine replacement therapy sample are included. For more information on the class and to register, call 616-267-2626.


  • Tobacco Free for Good- Offered by Metro Health in six sessions for two hours. Quitting tobacco use can be hard, but it’s not impossible. With the right motivation, tools and support, you can learn how to handle addiction triggers, cope with withdrawal symptoms and quit for good. Join us for this free series led by a certified tobacco addiction specialist who is also a former smoker. For more information on the class and to register, call 616-252-7117.


Phone Intervention


Smart Phone App


Online Resources


Health Publications


Free Quit Videos, Print Ads, Radio Ads, etc.


Tobacco Cessation Awareness Months/Days

  • February- National Cancer Prevention Month
  • February 23- Great American Spit Out
  • March 15- Kick Butts Day
  • May 31- World No Tobacco Day
  • September- National Recovery Month
  • November 16- Great American Smoke Out


Medication Chart

  • Based on the 2008 Clinical Practice Guideline: Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence, U.S. Public Health Service, June 2008
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