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Benefits of Worksite Wellness

If you spend all your time at work, maintaining your health should be a priority too!

Worksite Wellness programs are assisting in employees adopting a healthy lifestyle. The size of the company doesn’t matter. There are many ways to enhance and promote health and wellness no matter expensive and flashy or cheap and tacky.  Employe

rs can enhance physical wellbeing and healthy eating in many ways:

Weight reduction

-Onsite fitness classes,

- Encouraging meal breaks,

 -Free healthy lunch (individual or group)

-Basket of fruit

-Fruit of the month club

-Gift cards for local Farmers’ market

-Reusable grocery bags

Enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees

Improved physical fitness

  • Passes to recreational activities (e.g., bowling, skiing, swimming, yoga, etc.)
  • Draw for a larger item (e.g., active video game system, gym membership, etc.)

    Gym bags

  • Towels

    Water bottles

Increased productivity

Lower levels of stress

            -Wellness incentives

Increased well-being, self-image and self-esteem


All these benefits of worksite wellness programs stem from company engagement. By the company allowing the employees access to FREE health equipment, reusable grocery bags, gym bags etc. enhance health way of living.  This will strike a flame in the employee which result in sense of appreciation amongst staff, leading to retention of employees because their happy.



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