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Stay Physically Active!

Why is it so hard to exercise?

Being busy, may result in being emotionally and physically drained. This can result in someone feeling incapable of having time to exercise and usually making excuses of why they aren’t staying physically active. These excuses then make that individual feel better about the lack of activity they engage in.

If you lack motivation from a long day, there are many routes you can take to make sure you get a certain amount of physical activity before calling it a day.


Plan: It is important to plan your day, so you know exactly how much time you’ll have to exercise so it doesn’t interfere with any other prior engagements. If you plan to work out with friends or family, it’s important to plan so your schedules don’t collide and cause tension.

Rise and Shine: The hardest part of exercising is lacking the motivation to get up and go! You must stay motivated on the physical goals you want to accomplish. Morning workouts can be overlooked by someone that wants to get more sleep, and afternoon workouts can be overlooked by those that have made plans with friends, family coworkers etc.

Get others involved: Having others to help in your fitness quest can be the biggest motivator. Working out together is beneficial because friends call you or vice versa to keep one another motivated. Working out together not only makes working out fun but also helps you stay on track of your goals.  

Set smaller/realistic goals: Understand it takes time to get in shape. Losing weight is a marathon not a sprint, you can’t conquer the world in a day. Setting realistic goals could mean not going straight to running 2 miles, but starting off with running one mile and working up to two miles. You may not be as in shape as you think. But that’s ok, it takes time!

Keep equipment front and center: When equipment such as gym shoes, workout clothes etc. are in a visible place your more likely to be reminded of your fitness goals.


Going into the winter season the lack of motivation to get out and get active will be high especially when all the typical person wants to do is stay warm. But you can do it!

Get friends involved, set realistic goals, stay motivated!




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